“The IONSTAR saves loads of "non-billable" working time.

This advantage addresses the business owner directly, as insurance companies don’t re-imburse for finishing time.

This can amount to a considerable saving that would otherwise be lost!



“The IONSTAR has reduced our finishing time noticeably. For us, it offers the best price-performance ratio of any anti-static device on the market.


John Butler, Owner and General Manager

Butlers Crash Repair, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny

Paint shop and auto body repair



“As an industrial paint shop, we mainly coat components and parts made of plastic. As part of a process optimization to reduce dust inclusions and similar surface inclusions, we decided on the IONSTAR gun from Hermann Innovations. Since using the IONSTAR, we have achieved a significant improvement in our painting process. The static neutralization of the surfaces works very well, but what most made us gravitate towards the IONSTAR is the fact that it works without any external power supply at all. This makes the gun portable throughout the painting process and at the same time reduces our through-put times. A very innovative product, which we can recommend from our own experience. "

S. Sancak

COATX Industrielackierung

Industrial painting



"We use the IONSTAR in the following areas, painting, coating, and thermal deformation of plastics. A great advantage is that it does not require a separate power supply via cables, rechargeable power-packs or batteries. A further great benefit for all applications where we use it, is the possibility to clean a mould, or plastic window and neutralise the surfaces of electrostatic charge in a single operation. An example of the excellent applicability of the IONSTAR is the pre-cleaning phase when coating vehicle windows. With such windows, it is particularly important that after coating they are free of all dust inclusions. After cleaning with a cloth, the windowpane is cleaned again with the IONSTAR and thus protected from attracting charged dust particles from its surroundings.

Florian Kirsch

Fa. Kirsch Kunststofftechnik GmbH

Plastics engineering and technology



“Before, we always had problems with the paintwork because the bumpers were statically charged. We tried lots of things: from antistatic solutions to antistatic cloths and much more besides. Not until we tested the IONSTAR were we free of static electricity. Since then, dust inclusions have been reduced by 95%. As a result, we have less polishing work, less rework, and faster turn-around."

Detlef Grusewski – Managing Director

Fa. H. Küppers GmbH

Paint shop and auto body repair



"We have put the IONSTAR antistatic gun to use on different sub-surfaces (plastics, aluminium, sheet steel). Handling is really as easy as described in the operating instructions. Even connecting the gun with the antistatic hose for our compressed-air service unit is problem-free.  There is no need to set our pressure gauge to a specific pressure within the IONSTARs operating range and that is very helpful for our students. The ionization process worked perfectly.

In the subsequent finish, there really were fewer dust particles to be seen in the paintwork. The colour accuracy of special effect paints is also better, as the metallics in the paint are arranged more uniformly on the surface and are not influenced by electrostatic charge.

Our master students from the sign and illuminated advertisement manufacturing trade use the IONSTAR for the practical part of the master’s examination. They produce behind-glass coatings on various, transparent plastic substrate. Here clouding is more easily avoided, especially when spray painting with glazes. Considering these, solely positive, experiences, I can highly recommend the IONSTAR."

Otto Fischle (Workshop Manager)

Uwe Mühlhäuser (Senior Technical Trainer)

Schule für Farbe und Gestaltung, Stuttgart,

Master vocational training school für vehicle painting



" The IONSTAR offers perfect assistance above all for new, un-primed plastic parts (i.e., Skoda Bumpers). But even with the “normal” paint application process, we have significantly less finishing work, and that considering the fact that the antistatic gun is really very easy to use.”

Sven Vanini

Vanini & Co. GmbH, Kiel

100 years of experience in paintwork for cars, trucks, furniture, and shipping



"As a contract printing company, we have been active in screen printing and pad printing for over 50 years. We print a wide variety of materials and shapes, from" very small "to" very large ", for customers from a wide variety of sectors.

Since we very often have to print on plastics, static charge is often a problem. In order to reduce the charge and remove any dust particles that may be present, we used a cordless deionization device until January 2021, with moderate success. The device was heavier, the battery life was often insufficient; we are looking for a solution and came across IONSTAR - one call was enough to get a test device. The device quickly convinced us: significantly fewer dust particles on the printing surface, exactly what we need.

- Service and advice very competent and friendly

- Test device quickly and easily in-house

- Easiest installation and easy handling

- Result on application…TOP

We can highly recommend the IONSTAR. "

Karin Grom

Werbe- und Industriedruck GmbH,

Commercial printing for advertising and industry



“We had been looking at anti-static technology as a way of reducing our finishing work. We wanted a tool that was going to be able to take some knocks and offer long lasting performance. The IONSTAR was the perfect option, we wouldn’t want to miss it. “

Shane O’Keeffe, Owner and General Manager

O'Keeffe Auto Body Repairs Ltd, Kilbarry, Waterford,

Paint shop and auto body repair



"After the demonstration, I had had the antistatic / ionizing gun to test for two weeks. My 20-year-old cabin was already causing me some worries regarding dust inclusions. Even after a thorough refurbishment and regular filter replacement, I regularly had up to 15 dust particles on the car parts. That had regularly driven me crazy, because I didn't know where these particles always come from and the cabin had pulled this dirt from.

One day I had a conversation with a painter I knew, and he told me about an ionizing air pistol. He told me that the booth has a static charge and therefore dust particles are attracted to the metal. I was interested and sometime later I was shown the ionizing air pistol [IONSTAR]. I was immediately enthusiastic about it and convinced from the results. The handling is simple. Thanks to the new [IONSTAR] pistol, I have a lot less work, the paintwork is a lot cleaner, and I only rarely have to remove the dust inclusions…. Normally I don't think much of having products to test, but in my desperate situation persuaded me to try. The results convinced me; I never knew that the solution could be so simple.

My conclusion: Because of the positive experiences with the IONSTAR ionizing pistol, I can recommend it with a clear conscience. "

Waldemar Hildermann

Lack Doc Hildermann,

Paint shop and auto body repair



“The device works perfectly on our polyester moulds. Dust particle build-up has been extremely reduced. The electric shocks from static charges, which occur particularly during polishing, are now largely avoided. The subsequent painting result is significantly improved. All in all: recommendable"

Peter Pöhn

ZIERER Karussell- und Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG,

Roller coasters, rides, and roundabouts for amusement parks



“We have an older paint booth and until we used the IONSTAR, we really had a lot of dust inclusions after painting, to the point where sometimes one employee was occupied exclusively with finishing. Thanks to the use of your product, everyone can enjoy their work again because we have almost no more dust inclusions. The time savings are incredible. Our painter, with 37 years of professional experience, is as “pleased as Punch” every time he has the chance to use the IONSTAR gun.

D. Koskinas

Gesoulis GmbH,

Paint shop and auto body repair



“I am very satisfied with the device and have 50% less dust in the paintwork. I'm super satisfied with the results.”

Andreas Held.

Autolackierung Held

Paint shop and auto body repair



Wow !!! 🤩 blown away with how well the IONSTAR works and how good it is at getting rid of all the static !! With a meter it went from 100 to 00.1 – 000 of a reading, turbine powered no electricity is needed !! "


ACE Refinishers

Paint shop and auto body repair, Instagram Influencer



“The IONSTAR is he simplest option on the market that I’ve come across. It simply plugs into your air-line; the air comes through into the turbine, which generates the neutralizing particles, eliminating any static build-up on your panel.

Just a few sweeps over the panel is all that you need, .… the static has now been totally eliminated.”

Wayne Beardmore

Damage Undone Ltd.

Paint shop and auto body repair, Instagram Influencer