IONSTAR Testimonials

“The IONSTAR has reduced our finishing time noticeably. For us, it offers the best price-performance ratio of any anti-static device on the market.”

John Butler, Owner and General Manager
Butlers Crash Repair, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny


“We had been looking at anti-static technology as a way of reducing our finishing work. We wanted a tool that was going to be able to take some knocks and offer long lasting performance. The IONSTAR was the perfect option, we wouldn’t want to miss it. “ 

Shane O’Keeffe, Owner and General Manager
O'Keeffe Auto Body Repairs Ltd, Kilbarry, Waterford


“The ionization process worked perfectly. In the subsequent finishes there were visibly less dust inclusions in the paintwork. In addition, the accuracy of colour-matching with special-effect coatings is better, because the metallics lay down evenly and their array or positions not affected by electrostatic charge.”  

Otto Fischle, Workshop Manager & Uwe Mühlhäuser, Senior Technical Trainer
Schule für Farbe und Gestaltung, Stuttgart: Master-craftsmen-school of body shop paint technicians and luminous advertisement designers

“The IONSTAR offers perfect support above all for new, un-primed plastic parts … ...But even with the “normal” paint application process, we then have significantly less finishing work …”

Dr. Sven Vanini, CEO
Vanini & Co. GmbH: 100 years of experience in paintwork for cars, trucks, furniture and shipping



“The device works perfectly on our polyester moulds. Dust particle build-up has been extremely reduced. The electric shocks from static charges, which occur particularly during polishing, are now largely avoided. The subsequent painting result is significantly improved. All in all: recommendable"

Peter Pöhn, Purchasing
ZIERER Karussell- und Spezialmaschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG, Germany