IONSTAR Press Reviews


Spotless Solutions - Wirtschaft Konkret 05/2021

For its products, Herrmann Innovations GmbH always turn to the simple laws of nature – with brilliant results.
This ingenuity is used worldwide in vehicle painting or wheel mounting, but not just there; a new division with disinfectant solutions is now helping in the fight against the Corona virus. read more...


Herrmann Lack-Technik GmbH becomes Herrmann Innovations GmbH - FML 04/2021

Herrmann Lack-Technik GmbH, a subsidiary of Herrmann AG based in Bavaria Germany, has recently be re-christened Herrmann Innovations GmbH. The new name reflects the company’s expanded business activities and the market launch of the DESI product family in October 2020.


 “The name, Herrmann Innovations, expresses exactly what has been driving me for the last 50 years."

Johannes Herrmann

Managing Director - Herrmann Innovations GmbH


Founded in 1990, Herrmann Lack-Technik GmbH and its IONSTAR / Herrafix product ranges had previously focused on providing its worldwide customer-base innovative and practical cleaning solutions for industrial painting situations and the automotive industry. The new DESI-System division expands this focus and offers effective air and room concepts for business and private customers, based on engaged, innovative technical products, and solutions.

Henceforth, both business areas will be promoted under the name Herrmann Innovations GmbH.


Don't give dust a chance - JOT 04/2020

A new type of ionizing device neutralizes static charge and thus reduces the problems caused by dust inclusion during the painting process. The device powered by compressed air lies lightly in the hand and ensures a smooth process in the painting booth. read more...


The Automotive Painter`s best friend - AutoBild 2019

THE ANTI-STATIC PISTOL IONSTAR IS UNDOUBTEDLY THE greatest asset that the automotive painters have available now at their fingertips. With IONSTAR, the painter can achieve coating layers with the utmost smoothness. Having a clean surface is not only a guarantee but it is also is an essential requirement for a superior result and an excellent finish in the painting process. This is the reason why car body shops resort to anti-static devices. read more...


Herrmann Lack-Technik GmbH´s IONSTAR - Motorindia March 2019

One of the exhibitors at the German pavilion at ACMA Automechanika was Hermann Lack-Technik GmbH, showcasing Ionstar – its antistatic gun. The antistatic-gun neutralises electrostatic charge and cleans dust in one operation. “After connection to the compressed air system, the antistatic gun generates the necessary energy with the help of a turbine integrated into the device, releasing a strong jet of air that is rich with positive and negative ions. The Ionstar therefore neither requires power supply cables nor battery-packs,” said Mr. Johannes Herrmann, CEO, Herrmann Lack-Technik GmbH. read more...


Innovative Ionstar Reduces Dust Inclusions - Bodyshop News Australia 2019

The new IONSTAR antistatic pistol offers body shops and paint shops much freedom and flexibility, according to its creator, Herrmann Lack-Technik GmbH. The company says it has developed the unique, new device so that it doesn´t need power cabls, batteries or external power of any kind. read more...


Reducing dust inclusions - Lackiererblatt July 2018

Workshops are seldom dust-free “clean-rooms”. For this reason, dust inclusions are normal in professional painting situations, but only to a certain extent. Professional paining and spraying companies try to reduce the amount of dust inclusions and the resulting finishing work, as much as possible; more and more often they are turning to ionising devices to achieve this. read more...