What use is the IONSTAR to you?

IONSTAR is a device that can neutralise static charge and thus drastically reduce the problems caused by dust inclusions in the painting process or the finish. After treatment with IONSTAR, surfaces no longer attract dust. Our product is therefore the perfect choice in situations where dust is generally undesirable or a problem.


How does the IONSTAR work?

The new antistatic-gun IONSTAR from the Company Herrmann Lack Technik neutralises electrostatic charge and cleans in one operation. After connection to the compressed air system, it generates the necessary energy with the help of a turbine integrated into the device, releasing a strong jet of air that is rich with positive and negative ions. The IONSTAR therefore neither requires power supply cables nor battery-packs


How is the IONSTAR used?

The IONSTAR uses electricity and air pressure to make surfaces much less susceptible to dust and lint. The static charge that has built up in the parts is neutralised by the device. Thus, such impurities are much less likely to adhere to the surface.

Having no need for a power supply cable, the IONSTAR is very handy to use and allows great flexibility. As no batteries or battery-packs are needed, the weight of the device is significantly lower than systems that use other technology than IONSTAR. These advantages ensure that the user has more freedom to work and that the ā€œpreparation stepsā€ of the painting process can be accomplished more easily.


With the IONSTAR, you do not have to allow for charging times of any battery packs, so it is possible to work continuously and without hindrance. Further cost advantages result from the fact that there is no need for the replacement of such battery-packs, as these tend to wear out and lose their power capacity. Max. permissible operating pressure: 5 bar. Permissible working temp. range: Ā -15Ā°C to +50Ā°C.


What makes IONSTAR so unique ?

  • IONSTAR Is absolutely maintenance free for the user. **
  • IONSTAR optimizes the paint application process.
  • IONSTAR Needs neither power cables nor batteries ā€“ a worldwide unique innovation.
  • IONSTAR Is surprisingly light, very manageable and extremely robust.
  • IONSTAR Increases the efficiency and profitability of a business.
  • IONSTAR Pays for itself within weeks
  • IONSTAR is EX certified* and approved for use in spray booths and at spot repair workstations.

Ā * According to the ATEX Directive 2014/34 EU

** In order to get the most from your IONSTAR, we recommend a yearly inspection of the device by an L-Tec technician.


How do you get the best results?

The IONSTAR must be used with an electrically conductive compressed air hose. Ā The recommended operating pressure is 2 - 3 bar.
The unit works best when it is set to the typical pressure that spray guns are set at. This represents a further advantage and makes work much easier for the users. If required, the compressed air line can simply be changed over from the spray gun to the IONSTAR and work can continue.


What else can the user expect from the IONSTAR?

  • IONSTAR Reduces time spent on intermediate sanding (de-nibbing), cutting and Buffing - saves finishing time
  • IONSTAR improves the alignment of metallic particles in the paint - less problems with colour matching
  • IONSTAR Enables a reduction in dark edges (shadows) and material consumption - easier re-working in less time
  • IONSTAR needs no tedious and lengthy recharging - allows flexibility and stress-free working
  • IONSTAR allows the airflow to be fine-tuned to suit the part or task - adjustable to your requirements


Is it also possible to use IONSTAR so that parts which have been statically discharged are not immediately recharged by the powerful jet of air that the device produces?

Yes. The surfaces are statically discharged by the negative and positive ions emitted by the air jet; the air jet of the IONSTAR does not recharge the surface with static electricity. The treated surface remains statically discharged. This effect lasts for about 30 minutes. That is enough time to proceed with the next step in the painting process.