The Challenge

A professional wheel change....75% faster


A good mechanic can change a wheel in under a minute. Unlike F1, however, the wheel suspensions on customers' vehicles aren't always spotlessly clean.

Wheel nuts and thread bolts can be corroded. Rust, dirt and salt may have accumulated on the contact surfaces of the wheel hubs.

Imbalance and vibrations can be the result. This can have an impact on driving safety and tyre wear.

This is why effective cleaning is so important.


Our Solution

The Speed-Cleaner for Wheel Mounting


Herrafix is the ideal cleaning tool for tyre fitting.

It was developed by us especially for the professionals in car and tyre workshops – and for quality-conscious vehicle enthusiasts.

Wheel studs, lug nuts, lug bolts, wheel hubs, rim surfaces, external threads and internal mounting threads can all be cleaned with HERRAfix – giving you a clean sweep within seconds.



Let HERRAfix run around in circles

Not your staff


The two Herrafix attachments fit on every 1/2 inch impact wrench.

The mounting surface, bolts, nuts or studs are clean in a few seconds. The optimised cleaning gives the thread grip, safety and accuracy during wheel changes.

The brush and bristles are reinforced: a single attachment is therefore sufficient for up to 800 wheels; then it can simply be replaced. The ingenious design of the inside allows the steel bristles extreme stability when cleaning the external thread, whilst protecting it from wear or damage.


"We always deliver a tidy professional job, but thanks to HERRAfix we are finished in a quarter of the time. Projected over the year this represents an enormous time advantage and a big saving"

Johannes Herrmann 

The entrepreneur with the inventor's gene has been kitting out workshops  since 1970, with equipment like hydraulic lifting platforms or a wide range from the world of vehicle painting.


The Results

Satisfied customers. Satisfied Mechanics


HERRAfix  was developed and tested by professionals for professionals

You'll also be hooked on this time-saving tool


Your customers can look forward to:

  • Reduced imbalance and vibrations
  • Less tyre wear
  • Improved driving performance
  • And increased road safety

Now we would like to hear your opinion as an expert. Try HERRAfix.

We are excited to hear what you and your mechanics have to say.


Ready? go!




HERRAfix delivers performance that persuades.

This clever tool will surely become the next workshop standard.