The tungsten needle

The tungsten needle

May 18, 2020

IONSTAR – sensitive parts concealed and protected for consistent results and long life.

The majority of ionising devices use two exposed tungsten needles, at the front of the devices, to induce their ionising process. The exposed needles can be prone to damage and often need replacing as overspray continues to soil the needles and reduce the ionising efficiency until the point where the needle needs to be changed.

In the tough every day workshop environment, tools get knocked and bashed or hammered with overspray, which effects the ionising performance. That is why we wanted the IONSTAR to be different. Tougher and consistently efficient.

The unique design of the IONSTAR means that only one needle is necessary for ionisation. The IONSTAR conceals and protects the needle inside the metal nozzle at the front of the device. By keeping the IONSTARs process inducing parts safe, they are protected from damage and overspray which otherwise affects the performance. Β The large dimensioned IONSTAR needle never needs replacing during the lifetime of the tool.

The result – a sturdy tool that is always ready to work when you are and will deliver the same high performance every time you use it. No part changing, no hassle, no performance loss – IONSTAR.Β